The Bird is the Word

The Bird is the Word…

If the bird is the word then I have been weaving words iino my own nest of reality my whole life. Those words are often black. The nest is often messy and always noisy.

First published at 16, I have scribbled words – some of which I’ve felt strong enough to share.

Notable within the ramblings are:

Under The Bed (illustrations by JL Hamilton)

Lines In The Sand(very proud contributor to raise funds for UNICEF)

The Australian Writer’s Diary (with Kapunda Writers – good while it lasted)

There are other bits, newspapers etc, but Spinning Blackbirds is about my somewhat lurching journey through life – sometimes commenting on other people’s lives, and sometimes my own. My own life got too messy and noisy till that nest fell out of the tree. Now im picking up the pieces and weaving a new nest – the challenge to build it with one poem a day for a year.

Shall I keep the Birds spinning or will they rain down on me?


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