So… I’m like my mother?
The insult’s always slung.
The really, really stupid bit
Is, they don’t even know my mum.

So, I’m like my mother…
It’s not who I choose the be,
And if you really think it,
You don’t know her or me.

And so? I’m like my mother…
You say it to be cruel.
My mother’s not my favourite,
But at least she’s no-one’s fool.



4 thoughts on “

  1. My most horrific moment as a mother was when I parrotted the words my own mother had said to me … Scary, but my own mum is a lovely person. It’s just that I felt a piece of myself disappear as I said the words to my son that my mother had said to me…

  2. hi Black bird, I wanna let u know tath I love the way u writte, When I read some of your texts is a felling tath any part of me is doing tath 🙂 grettings and congratulations for this blog

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