Have I channeled these words?
Are they really mine?
Have I put them together
Only one day to find
I’ve read them somewhere else,
Forgotten, and so
Adopted someone else’s words,
And claimed their breath of soul.
What if the rhythm, timing,
Word combining,
Were not of my design?
What I want to know is
Are the words still mine?
If I didn’t know that they were cloned,
Or whispered in my ear?
Have I really created this,
Or am I the fraud I fear?

© Giddybird


6 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. Gah! I’ve felt like this time and time again. I guess in all honesty, we’re all frauds to a degree. Everything has been said already by someone at some point. I think an original thought is a rarity. However, I think that as long as we put ourselves into the thought it will belong to us and therefore they become ours. great poem, super relate-able!

    • Thankyou Talicha. I appreciate your words. I think we all feel like this at times. A question we ask ourselves.
      I watched your spoken poem “Lonliness is a Junkie”. That was well put together and delivered beautifully.

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