Awrsomest poem I’ve read for ages.

poetry by Calvero

I’m handsome.

I know so
because my mom
tells me so.

My mom says
I’m the most handsome
she knows.

She tells me constantly
and as nice
and flattering
as it all is
    I’ve gotta say
it’s never really
been enough.

The love of friends
and family
is like having
Cap’n Crunch
every night for dinner.

it’s good
and it’s filling
if you have a lot
of it
and it will keep you
and stuff
    but it will leave you
wanting pizza
or steak
or tacos.

It will leave you
wanting more.

It will leave you
wanting better
    and you know
there’s better
out there
because you’ve
tasted it,

because you’ve
the pizza-steak-tacos.

I want love
so great
it makes Nicholas Sparks
in his pants.

I wanna fuck
the woman
of my dreams
on top of The Eiffel Tower
as the…

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