My Golden man
Whose benevolent smile 
Falls upon me,
Whose bleeding heart
Chooses to love me,
As long as I fit the bill.

My love
Who places carefully prepared
Sweetmeats between my lips
And dances to music
In twisted sheets of stripes
Whispering unexpected promises
My idol
Whose sense and stability
Doused my wildfire
And held me safe
In his arms of knowledge.
So no one could touch me 
My man
With well worn feet
Busy elsewhere in life
Whose mended heart
Realises my baggage
Is too heavy to carry

Whose selfless loving
Was carefully learned 
And perfectly executed
And I fell for it fully
Till push came to shove
And my idol fell, angry

And once shattered,
Inside the facade
Of manners and discipline
And strength and assurance
I saw him, scared and fragile,
Wide eyed with fear.

© Giddybird





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