My Golden man
Whose benevolent smile 
Falls upon me,
Whose bleeding heart
Chooses to love me,
As long as I fit the bill.

My love
Who places carefully prepared
Sweetmeats between my lips
And dances to music
In twisted sheets of stripes
Whispering unexpected promises
My idol
Whose sense and stability
Doused my wildfire
And held me safe
In his arms of knowledge.
So no one could touch me 
My man
With well worn feet
Busy elsewhere in life
Whose mended heart
Realises my baggage
Is too heavy to carry

Whose selfless loving
Was carefully learned 
And perfectly executed
And I fell for it fully
Till push came to shove
And my idol fell, angry

And once shattered,
Inside the facade
Of manners and discipline
And strength and assurance
I saw him, scared and fragile,
Wide eyed with fear.

© Giddybird






I will not show you
Tears drowning me inside
And I will not show you
My heart, hollowed, that died
And I will not show you
The rasping pain of every breath
And I will not show you
You un-loved me to death.

© Giddybird

Triple Shift

I stand on the edge of the oval,
I Watch a dad with his small son,
Kicking round the footy
And i wish i was with my mum.

Shes not too good at football
Or other boy type things.
But she’s all I’ve got now
Since my dad and my mum split.

She’s workin when im home
and works when I’m at school
My mum’s workin’ the triple shift
Doin hers & Dad’s work too.

The government cut its help,
and put her on the dole.
And now we’re both bogged down
in poverty’s black hole.

She’s workin’ all the hours,
When its light and when its dark.
And she never has the time now
To take me to the park.

Yeah, She works when I’m at home
And works when I’m at school
My mum’s doin’ the triple shift
Doin’ hers & Dad’s work too. 

Life is pretty boring and
When my friends & I hang out,
There’s always someone calling us
Troubled, Lazy, Layabouts.

If we skate to pass the time
Waiting for parents to get home,
Our mum’s get blamed and criticised
for allowing us to roam. 

But Mum’s workin’ the triple shift
There’s nothing more that she can do.
Yeah,  Mum’s workin’ the triple shift
Doin’ hers & Dad’s job too.