This night

The stars shine on eyes
that should be hiding dreams.
This night.
The heat confusing my body.
Seeing darkness
but feel baked.
while the sky rumbles distantly
it’s empty promise.

As one,
Gallahs rise from the trees,
Calling to the morning not yet woken.
Making my nerves raw with their ruckus.

Are they confused too?
This night?

Footsteps dance on soundwaves that melt through my windows, Companions to melodies of happiness and friendship.
Are they truly so,
those dappled
Shadows of sound?

This night.
This dreamless night.

The scream of squealing tyres and steel
comes crashing through my window,
drowning out the thunder.
As one,
the birds screech in alarm,
Their outstretched wings reflecting
the colours of sunset
As the flames burn away the darkness,
Blinding the stars,
And bind the friendship
Of those laughing shadows.

This night.



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