A poem a day is written, but to my shame not posted.

Time is marching on,
It will not wait for me
I’ve fallen so far behind
that i cannot see
Any way to catch up
So I’ll just admit defeat.
Yet another promise
That I didn’t keep.

I will try not to get distracted reading other people’s words before I post my poem.



painting: Winslow Homer

I stand upon the life raft of my divorce  –
A mast with no wind left in my sails.
Fleeing the destruction of our creation,
My only passenger, the guilt of my betrayal.

Skin on skin, the thinnest line of seperation.
We travelled,  journey joined, but not together.
The acid of regret became our passage
And burned the strips we tore, to fall and float wherever.

I left you drowning as I floated to be grounded.
My survival had no room for wrong or right.
I closed my eyes to faith and saw a new horizon…
Blue and cream and green and blue and light.

I looked back and saw with clear perspective,
Our entanglement had strangled all our dreams.
I watched you find your feet, and a new direction,
While I was still tied up in knots of loss and grief

© Giddybird



WOW I got nominated for a Liebster Award – that’s phenomenal – thankyou Mischievouseyezxxxx

1 My favourite  food:

2 twitter or facebook:  
Facebook – although I’m strangely attracted to the bird symbol of twitter.

3 favourite novel:  
Four Fires by Bryce Courtney

4 who inspires me most:
A hard one… Writing related inspiration is definatey Dorothy Parker .

5 fave colour:

6 what did I want to be when I was young?
Be a teacher or make books/magazines

7 current fave song:
Elle King – Good to be a Man

8 what/who do I fear the most?
Something happening to my children

9 what’s the toughest dare I’ve ever been given & did I do it?
People don’t tend to dare me because I’m boringly sensible (and I wouldn’t do it).

10 the best thing I like about myself::
I’m able to make a joke no matter how bad the situation.

11 am I obsessed with my blog stats?
Haha – yes.  🙂 it’s also a great way to shortcut to the blogs of those who follow me.
my questions
1 How many times a week do you blog?
2 Poetry or Prose?
3 How long have you been writing? Why do you write?
4 What is the piece of your own writing you like most?
5 Have you travelled?
6 Have you any hobbies?
7 what do you want to accompish with your writing?
8 Are you character or plot driven?
9 Ispirational book?
10 Inspirational music?
11 What do you do with your life when your not writing?



I cannot seem to see my way
Past the pain in my back.
An axe in my ribs.
A squatter
Refusing eviction.

So many seem to have to take
Drugs to fix the pain.
That dont seem to work.
Just barely
Sustaining discomfort.

I cannot seem to see my way
Past the haze in my life.
An axe in my heart.
That shattered.
Exposing illusion.

I do not want to be this way.
I will not take the drugs.
To hide the stinking mess.
Now toxic.
Requiring removal.

© Giddybird

Beautiful, beautiful poem


Millions of stars weep today in this hour of sleep,

when drops of tear drench the  soul,

twinkle of the hope gets  bleak,

for  in this moment the time freezes ,

when you move out of my sphere…

Letting your hands go off my hold,

your touch dampens my sense,

My heart echoes with your words,

“I have to leave you my love ,

bereaved and bereft.”

Dispersed are the shards of my heart,

loosely in  the air,

flinging across thousand oceans ,

colourless and lovelorn…

My feelings will now be buried within,

the pristine thoughts  shall  be entombed,

for my voice can never reach you …

Only my verses will  live forever.



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Love these articles. And this id just what I’m in the middle of.

i must have this thing


If you’ve got the brain of a creative artist or innovator, chances are you may find yourself feeling “under the desk”, like our none-the-less successful friend, Tina Fey.

Innovators are “pilers” not “filers“, tend to be great at starting projects, (many), through not always great at completing them. Spontaneous, inventive, and motivated to create what doesn’t yet exist, innovators & creatives can be passionately absorbed on a project of interest, losing all sense of time in the focus of creation.




Traditional organizational methods don’t work so well – Our linear brains take a backseat to the wilder, creative, non-linear brains (yes, we all have both aspects, but one can be dominant).



We suffer from out-of-sight, out-of mind syndrome, so desk drawers, clothes bureaus, and filing cabinets can be useless. Getting us to schedule methodically can be a challenge, too.

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Daily Promt: SIX


Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

(I admit this is a bit of a challenge to write in verse – SBB)

6 unique things I can find about me.
I’m not sure if they’re things that others will see…
There’s a six in my birthday – (there’s actually three)
Which would explain the luck that never finds me.

I’m funny.  I’m quick – I’ve always a pun.
And laugh really loud (to embarass my sons)
I love Aussie beaches, but burn in the sun
And hate being in water that goes past my bum.

My birthday,  my luck,  my quick wit, and my laugh,
My paranoia with water (that’s not in a bath)
That’s five, so which will I share with you last?
My singing and driving – stay away if you’re smart!

© Giddybird

You’re Grounded

Oh My God! Just shut up!
Please stop your whining.
You got grounded.  That’s all.
It’s not like your dying.
You did the wrong thing,
But I  feel like I’m the one hurting.
Just keep your mouth closed.
I don’t wanna hear the crap spurting
From your mouth about boredom.
Dont you break something else-
It’s time to grow up.
Dont just think of yourself.
Stop yelling at me
Just to get your own way.
I’m the Mum.  Dont forget it.
You watch what you say.
Your moaning and groaning and yelling out from your room
Makes me think that your grounding
Will grow from one week to two.